23 febrero 2006

i'm getting into this gender issues stuff... blinkin' riveting

thought one:

when a woman serves, one is inclined toward gratitude. "Oh, thank goodness... that so needed to be done, and she's just doing a wonderful job at it."

when a man serves, one is prone toward humility. "Oh, wow... That brother is a man. That's incredible... I hope the boys are watching."

thought two: "Frederica" just SOUNDS like a good name for a saint, no?

"3 women's rights of worth:

1) the right to be at home in our bodies

2) the right to be different from men

3) the right to go to hell

"Women are just as much in need of salvation as men are. ...We aren’t used to imagining John the Baptist leveling his "brood of vipers" speech at a group of women, or of visualizing female adherents of the Pharisee party condemned by Jesus as "whitewashed sepulchers...."

thought three: more of the same

"Do not spend large amounts of money fighting wrinkles, or large amounts of time fighting your hair. Even if you just kept your hair clean and brushed and otherwise let it do what it wants, you will still be allowed to vote and own property. Wrinkles tell the story of your life. Don’t try to falsify the story; instead, write the story you would want others to see.

If there is a big difference between how you look before and after you put on makeup, you’re wearing too much makeup. Your goal is to like your face just as it is right out of the shower. A smile is your best ornament, with more impact than anything you could spend on jewelry, makeup, hairstyle, or clothing. The best way to make your eyes more beautiful is to spend more time in prayer."

and this self-image section is the tame stuff... http://www.frederica.com