22 febrero 2006

thought one:
if, by some weird twist of universes, i were a black individual invited to speak in a LeTU chapel on a black-awareness month topic, here would be my gist:

blacks have been liberated socially, thanks to the efforts of MLK, etc. the "oppression" today is from one far more serious enemy than racism: sin. thus, i do not come to you seeking the help of the dominant race in society. i come to you to ask the help of my brothers and sisters in Christ... would you go live the gospel among us? whatever your race, our younger generation needs people to love them and demonstrate for them what it means to be redeemed from the power of sin and death. you don't have to live in the ghetto, but you do have to unlock your car doors, get out from behind your privacy fences, and get to know these people RIGHT HERE who need the grace of God.

of course, if i were black, i'd have mad hot oratory skills and could just take off from there.

thought two:
on the role of women...
thesis: a woman's task is to promote the happiness, health, and comfort of those around her.

thought three: from frederica: (the title was just irresistible)
"But God hates sin like the parent of a leukemia victim hates cancer."

thought four: if i look at enough good art, will it improve my soul?