15 febrero 2006

"If you can fill the unforgiving minute/ With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run"... then get from me afore something gets thrown your way

thought one:

In a recent devo, one of my professors commented that all the fuss about predestination fails to consider that the concept is always used in relation to a group of people (believers), NOT an individual. Thus, to extend the idea to single individuals is inaccurate interpretation.


thought two:

According to another prof, in a typical school setting, boys are much more likely to both raise their hand and be called upon by the teacher than girls. He said because teachers are usually female, the boys volunteer for attention while girls are more likely to hesitate.

However, with male teachers, the opposite appears to be true, with girls asking questions and being called upon more often while the boys hesitate.

blinkin' fascinating.

thought three:

i like moot points... those little kicks-in-the-pants during the dance of life...

thought four: