30 enero 2006

"an average of serenity"

thought one:
"the most essential part of our being is contained in language. "

thought two:
marriage is for servants. yeah companionship, yeah romance, yeah soul-mates, whatever.

serving The Other is:
~the ROLE of woman
~the task (quality) of man

in short: say "i do" only when ready to be made a servant for the rest of your life.

thought three:
i use "interesting" way overly exceedingly much, but i do so in all sincerity.

thought four:
funny how our powers of observation focus themselves.

some women notice shoes. i notice hands. some count "ummm"s or "like"s in conversations or lectures. others notice dialect [pronounciation of "what," "were," and "pen"]. some make a study of gait; others zero in on brands or the number of times someone has worn a certain pair of jeans in a two week period [ah... junior high bliss...]

how much to study in people!

~their prayers [the title they use for God!]
~the way they eat a taco
~where they look when searching for a word [supposed: to the right=symbolic thinking; to the left=visual (creative) thinking]
~nervous habits
~response to rebuke
~response to praise
~response to pain

so much! and how much do we ignore... just gazing over a sea of people... what significance do they have to me, anyways? they're just people. just a person... just one in 6 billion...


Blogger jc_penny said...

Thanks for posting the list of character traits. Its interesting to think about.


miércoles, 01 febrero, 2006  
Blogger Cada said...

I like to observe people as well. Sometimes when in a group I find myself pulling back and watching from a distance.


P.S. What is thought one supposed mean?

miércoles, 01 febrero, 2006  
Blogger berekkah said...

hey JC, thanks for reading.

Caleb- I should have put it in quotes... it was from a class yesterday and i was too much of a hurry to go into detail.

something to the effect of:
our thoughts/aspirations, which so define who we are, are contained pretty much (this is where the argument lies) in language

it was just a thought i wanted to remember, i haven't had time to mull over it yet.

miércoles, 01 febrero, 2006  

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