23 enero 2007

of la cokaina, la santa fe, and guilt

thought one:

In the coca growing areas 2.2 lbs of cocaine cost $1,200, which goes up to $1,800 in Lima and then leaps to $25,000 in the United States and $54,000 in Europe. The paste can be smoked and is left for local consumption in Peru.

thought two:

i have so much to say... your eyes would fail for the reading of it. undoubtedly, i need a refresher course in the depths of my own ignorance to maintain perspective. its just that living is so educational! and for a neophyte, every day is a quantum leap... ay, this existance!

misericordia... we're just a bunch of mud humans trying to figure out what to do with a soul... may we be good little mud humans... the most soulish mud humans possible.

thought three: of faith

it seems to me that the power of faith does not lie in our belief at all, i think. i would say. possibly. i don't see God taking out a measuring cup to see how much faith we've worked up and is it enough to bake a cake...

faith is... trusting God.

that "trust" contains implied LOVE.

1) We have been loved by God in a big way; He has been good to us.

2) We love Him because He's poured ("derramado") it into our hearts and we can't help ourselves.

3) God is perfect, so as we're loving our Father, we discover only MORE and DEEPER depths and heights of goodness and love.

4) We TRUST that our Papá will behave according to His customary goodness in X situation.

5) Our Papá is touched by the love and trust of His children. Delighting to do what is good, He carefully plans and orchestrates good in X situation and watches with anticipation to see our response.

6) We cry and praise and exult in our Papá and Redeemer. He's so GOOD! Just like we knew He was... and MORE.

but don't we see... we're trusting our Father's CHARACTER... His excellent PERSON.... not His ability to conform to our wishes. blasphemy. who do you think God is?! when He's given you EVERYTHING and wants you to receive even more of His goodness, how are you going to make Him a to-do list and say, "Lord, becasue i'm sure that it's Your nature to obey me when i get excited enough, do this... and this... and this..."

boy, gone!

thought four: of guilt

we have (it appears to me) the divine MANDATE not walk around feeling guilty all the time. what could be a worse testimony than guilty, worried, depressed Christians? that is no gospel to a guilty, worried, depressed world.

so what do we do with guilt? what was that, "Repentance is the daughter of hope and the denial of despair," you say? well put... well put...

but i do want to think more about (i MUST think more about) distinguishing between false and real guilt...


Blogger Pastor Tebbe said...

Maybe this,
"False guilt" is usually associated with self-pity, a twisted form of pride really. It is unwilling to get out of its own self-centeredness, unwilling to believe God's offer of forgiveness, and unwilling to change.

"True guilt"- or God-given conviction makes me know that I have done wrong, that this action, attitude, lifestyle, is bad and deserving of punishment. I accept the verdict of God against myself, but I also accepts God's offer of forgiveness.

Peter walks with Jesus on the beach, chastized but forgiven, Judas spills his guts in the potter's field.

jueves, 25 enero, 2007  

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