08 enero 2007

"Those who teach me have my everlasting respect" ~Arabic proverb

so, inspired by an axegrinder typically-ingenious post, i have a question for you, dear reader:

If, in this strange land of hypotheticality, you were compelled to give up one of the following, what would it be and why? What does that say about you?




Blogger axegrinder said...


I cannot imagine giving up my memory. It seems that a person would lose all sense of himself without a recollection of his past.

There's quite a body of fiction that explores the role of memory in personhood and the violence that occurs in a person when memory is lost.

"Who am I?" and "Who are you?" seem like more important questions to answer than what a thing looks or sounds like. Yes?


martes, 09 enero, 2007  
Blogger berekkah said...

without a memory, the person would still BE himself, he just wouldn't know why, right?

would he still love the same people?
(officially rabbit-trailing...)

i guess it would depend if it was a one time amnesia thing or a constant memory erase.

as amnesia, it would be kind of sad, but the shock would be pretty temporary, right?

now, to live without memory at all whatsoever... perpetually mentally in the present, constantly incabable of remembering what happened in the past...


miércoles, 10 enero, 2007  

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