01 febrero 2007

wisdom lovin' on a rainy Thursday... the first in February

thought one:
okay, so Descartes walks into this cafe, right, and the barista asks him if he'd like a double shot espresso on ice. But see, it's freezing outside and Descartes gets overly nervous if he has so much caffeine, so he's like, "Naw, I don't think..." and POOF! Poor Descartes disappears.

It's like this, my friend... if you don't think, you AREN'T. so don't be like our theoretical Descartes in the above anecdote. Think today. at least once. i'll try it too and we'll see what happens.

thought two:
defensiveness (defensivity?) is such an impairment in logic, analysis, dialogue, relationships...

what am i defensive about?

thought three:
my pet, best used logical fallacies:

"one statement does not logically follow" (there is SO a connection in my head... i just keep on forgetting to include a couple of steps verbally...)

~Red Herring-
"a side-tracked issue introduced to lead attention away from the issue being discussed" (red herrings are what keep conversations interesting. who wants to stay on topic all night?)

~Faulty Analogy-
" comparing two things that are not alike" (but they ARE alike... just start thinking outside of the box a little. you'll find so many similarities...)

~Hasty Generalization-
"conclusions drawn from too few examples." (i'm totally blaming my youth. i'll outgrow this one, i'm sure...)

~Eith/ Or Fallacy-
"and argument that ignores alternatives" (note to self: develop or procure a spirit of ingenuity post haste.)


Blogger Jordyne said...

I really like the part about Descartes...I really did laugh out loud...and the fallacies..i like! de donde eres?

lunes, 26 marzo, 2007  

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