13 septiembre 2007

street socialization

thought one:

your child might be at-risk for gang activity if he:

~"Develops an unusual desire for privacy. Will not let you into their bedroom. Does not want you
to meet their friends. Friends have nicknames like Psycho, or Shooter and they do not know the
real names of their friends or won’t tell you."

~"is in possession of money he cannot explain. This may be an indicator of his being involved in illegal gang activity."


DID YALL KNOW THAT "g" (as in, "hey, my g, what's good?") STANDS FOR GANGSTER. ohmygoodness. and the "superman S" from elementary represents "Southside?!"

"[Other gang's] graffiti for the most part is not as ornate as Hispanic gang graffiti. It is common to see that the gang member’s tag name is bigger than the gang name itself. This is because African American gangs, especially [*****] and [******] feel that they come before the gang. The gang is there to protect them and their business. In Hispanic gangs, the gang is more important than the individual."


oooooo0h... this just in: remember the c-walk that i blinkin' RESOLVED TO LEARN (i have it in writing) my freshman year?!?! it stands for "crip walk!!!!" and, i quote, from wiki, "While they may be confused for dance, these movements should not be imitated by non-gang members because of their meaning to those affiliated with these organizations." i coulda got shot! are we realizing how white i am yet? are we getting an inkling?

thought two: juxtapose THIS:

"Rest, refreshing and nourishment are the essence of Christian hospitality. " ~"G" tebbe

thought three:

how could Christ hang out with sinners and still be... the Christ? the Annointed One? Holy... set apart?

~Christ is the most devastatingly REAL, straight-up person that has ever walked the globe. He fronted NOTHING... if it was True and Necessary, He said it.

~He preserved Himself NEVER, but had great insights into the cognitive, life-ish and soul status of those around Him as well as just... what...? WISDOM as to how His actions/ words would affect/ interact with/ explode His social milleau.

~He loved. simply, deliberately, and deeply. He SAW people when He looked. He saw PEOPLE. He LOOKED. He touched. He conversed. He asked POINTED questions... and pointed questions require the acknowledgement of a soul to pierce. He would CRY. He would groan. He would pray...

~He stayed in touch with the Father. like, lost sleep to do so. like, in the "still dark"ness, He would talk with God. and continually, when He was in the middle of conversations, He would start "rejoicing in spirit" and start saying stuff like, "I thank Thee, Father..." with exclamation points at the end.

~He was secure in His identity and mission. His psychological He was not distracted. He was not influenced. HE was the Distractor. HE was the Influencer. If there was a party, HE was crashing it... saying and doing the sort of stuff that would later get put in the BIBLE. If there was a social luncheon, He was REALLY crashing it... saying and doing the sort of stuff that would later get Him killed...

i want to be like Jesus. He would totally redefine "street socialization..."