27 octubre 2005

thought one:

would Jesus have disciplinary problems with His class, were He a lower-elementary Bible teacher? i wonder... on one hand, He's Jesus. on the other hand, kids are not free from original sin, either (unfortunately for me.)

thought two:

the first thought of feminity (fem-ee-nin-ih-tee...? rhymes with... sea anemone?)

girls of my generational ilk today really don't have much of any marketable skills. on the whole, we don't know how to cook, cleaning is only as difficult as plugging in a vacuum cleaner, children are..... frequently seen as obnoxious, intellectualism is commonly considered unappealling... we can't work on cars, we can't fix our plumbing, we can't program computers, we can't work in the oil fields... (obviously, this is not an endemic characterization and there are many highly-qualified young ladies running around, BUT...in my experience, what i have seen... [especially in myself]...) we are so useless. boys, at least, can do manual labor.

what does a girl have to market? why, herself, of course! her body is her chief commodity. personalities are carefully crafted for the best shelf-life possible. the saddness lies in that many times, a girl ends up renting herself out instead of selling to the highest bidder. all of her efforts to package herself are for the benefit of "shoppers"... not buyers.

i'm not sure i have a thesis to all this. it's very frustrating to be a girl these days, and i'm not positive i know why, or how to fix that frustration. more as more comes.

thought three:
Maoists control about 80% of Nepal.

-"People's war (also called protracted people's war) is a military strategy invented by Mao Zedong. The basic concept behind People's War is to maintain the support of the population and draw the enemy deep into the interior where the population through guerrilla tactics will bleed them dry. The term is used by Maoists for their strategy of long-term armed revolutionary struggle" [wikipedia, i love you]

-country -> city
-grassroots level insurrection (peasants as warriors)
-Pushpa Kamal Dahal
-time interview with Prachanda [Dahal]


thought four:
just to make our "discussion" (of... er... me writing to... myself...) of gender issues a little more lively... check this out