28 febrero 2006

'Learn to live in your will, not in your feelings.'" A. Carmichael

thought one:
"Mrs. Edith St. Petersburg brought a recent news story about the Ten Commandments to school last week. She wondered about the ongoing controversy, and what children astute enough to understand must think.

Then she asked, "I wonder how many adults these days could recite the Ten Commandments?"

That brought a response from Mrs. Judy Clonmacnoise, who asked, "And how many adults could make the Ten Commandments seem like a good thing to a child?"'

thought two: courtesy Dr. Jim Watson, Introducing the masses to Fine Arts

[somebody lay a rhythm down... yeah... dig it...]

I'm Baroque/
Don't have no Monet/
To make my Van Gogh


thought three:

Quote of the Day:

"You look like you from China... You from China?" ~Andrew Jones, age 8

kids... their GREAT for the soul!


Blogger Cada said...

Your profile picture of the woman with the guitar looks surprisingly similar to a picture of a great, great aunt of mine.


sábado, 04 marzo, 2006  
Blogger berekkah said...

yeah, i was going for the great-aunt look... someday, i too will be a great-aunt, and i'm trying to psych myself up.

lunes, 06 marzo, 2006  

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