27 febrero 2006

reason 936 why i love going to letourneau:

today, our western civ prof (not dr. k, who is out of the country for the semester, and is sorely missed, not to get off on a rabbit trail or anything) was absent and had another adjunct professor fill in for him.

the substitute was going to say a few words on Lenin, show a video, make some closing remarks and then dismiss us. the sub and his -ski last name lived in the USSR until he was 19, so it was all rather fortuitous.

UNfortunately, the class has more than a few members who are... shall we say... not at LeTU for the academics? these individuals were rather anxious to attend to whatever business might be more important than the history of western civilization (what on earth that might be, i have no idea.)

So, the video doesn't work, and he just segues into a bit of his story on growing up Soviet. He speaks maybe 10 minutes, not overly confident of himself, and then asks for questions. Two students ask questions, he looks a little on the relieved side and gives pretty interesting answers. He asks, "Any more questions?" to which one of the afore-mentioned miscreants loudly replies, "NO!" and another remarks, "No, we're good... I think my brain's on overload."

LeTourneau's honor was upheld by a retort from the back, "With what?!" prompting the class en masse to turn and laugh. It was not a particularly redeemed moment, but I was just so happy, I couldn't help it: hallelujah! I'm not in high-school anymore!!!!

Someone quite smugly asked another question, and we listened in satisfaction until the bell rang a few minutes later. Justice had been served.