28 octubre 2005

thought one:
one can tell the worth of one's education by how much said individual regrets missing class when circumstance dictate that such a person must be absent... from class.

thought two: re: the problem of feminity

"what would you do if your son was at home/ crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he's hungry/ and the only way to feed him was to/ sleep with a man for a little bit of money/ his daddy's gone/ he's off smoking rock now/ in and out of lockdown/ i ain't got a job now/ see for you this is just a good time/ but for me this is what i call life"

"hold up:
What would you do?
Get up on my feet and let go of every excuse
What would you do?
Cuz I wouldn't want my baby, to go through whatI went through
C'mon, what would you do?
Get up on my feet, stop makin tired excuses
What would you do?
Girl I know if my mother can do it, baby you can do it"

[never underestimate the powers of memory. make sure you fill it with something worth remembering.... but that's not actually the point i was going to make]

the point i was going to make is this: there is a devastating lack of alternatives publicized to young ladies these days. billboards just don't cut it. i think it goes back to my theory that if anyone could just experience unmitigated CHRIST for one day... being indwelt, forgiven, and full of abundant life... there WOULD be no heathens. all would be saved. the Jews, the Palestinians, the prachanda path... then Jesus would come and we'd be in kingdom come and lovely world without end... sorry. got distracted there. back to femininity. if only todays girls could SEE what they could be, what they should be, what they were CREATED to be... so much of society's problems would be obliterated. but what would that look like? WHAT ARE WOMEN CREATED TO BE?

thought three:
in my beloved western civ today, we talked about living conditions in the middle ages, and how unsanitary everything was, and how blood letting, terrible sewage and other common practices absolutely wrecked havoc on their life span. incredibly interesting stuff. but my prof made an interesting comment: what if, 500 years from now in some western civ class, they discuss how simple ignorant habits of the 21st century lead to our social demise... ie: what if we are unconsciously doing something that kills us?

that'll give you some food for thought.

thought four:

i am sorely displeased with my wrist. it is exceedingly incompetant as a day planner. thought bullets 1, 3, and 4 are illegible... something pertaining to:

-"worth ab."
-"sil_ _ e"

this is just unacceptable.