14 marzo 2006

"What sort of adorer of Majesty am I/ If I consider religion good only for the weak like myself?"

thought one: courtesy the Rev. B. Hayes

"People generally marry the person they deserve to marry."

Man. That'll preach. That'll put the fear into ya, is what it'll do. ...just consider the implications...!

thought two:
been reading Malachi. (it's real good... read it for yourself.) and, man, I love the Spirit... even when He puts the hurting on you, it's beautiful.

one thought to guard against stupid prayers: could I pray this kneeling in a north korean prayer meeting?

misericordia, Senor.

thought three:
i'm alright with being the poorest person in a room. really, i rather savour it; makes me feel downright virtuous.

but i cannot bear being the most privilaged. it makes me nauseated.

how am i going to survive my beloved peru?