09 noviembre 2005

my new diet

today was the 2nd day of my wikipedia diet.

let me tell you why the wikipedia diet is wonderful.

most diets you start "tomorrow," no? this is one where you can say with pride and ease, "I started yesterday," (provided, of course, you did indeed start yesterday.)

here's the deal: you (or "one" or "i") resolve[s] to search out one unknown topic on wikipedia a day. this diet cuts down on your mass of ignorance one day at a time, with noticible (how DO you spell that?!) results within 30 years. it's cheap, easy, and a lot funner than writing your machiavelli essay or writing a lesson plan for P.E. tomorrow.

yesterday, i discovered who Bill Hybels and read about realpolitik.

today, i read about the basic premises of the emerging/ emergent church, which is throwing my head for a spin. new schemata! new schemata!

ahem. anyhow. i haven't thought yet whether an "overindulgence" in the wiki-diet is healthy or not... is it like sneaking a couple of graham crackers and peanut butter or like going too far on a run...

start today! (and then tomorrow you can say you started yesterday): wikipedia.org


Blogger sprouthead said...

Ordinarily I don't believe in diets, but the wikipedia diet sounds like an interesting one. I may just start it tomorrow!

martes, 29 noviembre, 2005  

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