10 noviembre 2005

well i'll be jiggered

thought one:
"...birds, such as duck and geese, will follow the first moving object they see after they are hatched."

hmmm... this must be where are you my mother? comes from. from whence the book comes. whatever.

thought two:
fernando ortega has absolutely the best voice given to a man that i've heard "in a while." okay, so pavarotti isn't bad, but ferdy... he's the man.

thought three:
i miss peru, and i haven't done anything pertaining to my wikidiet today.

thought four: "Give a man a taste for reading adn the means of gratifying it, and you cannot fail to make him a happy, as well as a better man. You place him in contact with the best minds in every period of history, with the wisest and the wittiest, the tenderest and the bravest, those who really adorned humanity. You make him a citizen of all nations and a contemporary of all ages." -Sir John Herschel (whoever that is) i feel so much better now. have all those wiki-endorphins flowing.


Blogger Cada said...

Hey, I thought I would let you know that at least one other person (besides Timberella) reads your blog and finds it interesting. So keep posting. Your wiki-diet sounds exotic, wish I had time for it.

viernes, 11 noviembre, 2005  

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