15 noviembre 2005

re: the sky

thought one:

i have to constantly remind myself, "Self, don't forget the sky" because i noticed a while back that if i don't consciously remind myself to remember it, i'll forget it.

usually, i find myself either a) staring off into the distance with a peculiar, glazed look, pretending to be brazilian, or b) frantically scanning the concrete (or grass or dirt or pavement, como sea) immediately in front of my flip-flops to see if perchance a stray idea for a lesson plan or bulletin board has been engraved into it.

and that was a wordy sentence. (which is not the point.)

the point is that I FORGET THE SKY!!! AND IT'S EVERYWHERE!!! what is wrong with me?!? whole days pass by, and i can't tell you whether we had cirrus clouds on periwinkle blue or cumulus on azure. [well, that and the fact that i didn't know the difference until 5 minutes ago, but that's not the point either.] worse, it's not even like my mental rumblings compensate for my total celestial blindness.

the absolute worst example is this one road on the way to school each morning. gorgeous, no matter what the weather... all these acres of sky and open, rolling hills and cows and lakes and whatnot. it's lovely. makes me happy just to breathe around it. but get this... that is the precise road that i speed the most on. what makes me prefer a blur over beauty?

man... a whole sky, constantly changing in a hundred ways, depending on one's relative location and meteological happenings... blinkin' exquisite- whether we see it or not. the sky i see while eating my dinner @ LeTU is different from the one some pilot sees a hundred miles up and away... but still so stunning. and the view from some remote tundra in the Yukon, where there are not even caribou to look up... how can so much beauty exist?

and why?

(oh dear. this is quite rambling.)

what purpose does it serve? especially when we don't notice it... ah... but then again, maybe it's vain to assume something is purposeless, just because humans find no need for it.

so... how 'bout that sky?