01 abril 2010

"you are talking as if you are one of those that we cannot easily convert into an unsuccessful-person-maker"

March 32, 2010 spelling test: (and you thought school was hard when you were a kid...)

1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [man... i keep on spelling it -dotious]
2. antidisestablishmentarianism
3. I
4. paleontologist
5. ontological

thought one:
"In linguistics, agglutination is the morphological process of adding affixes to the base of a word"
(eg: antidisestablishmentarianism)

what do we call the process of adding thoughts to emailed thoughts? "athoughtination?"

thought two: why i can't unwikipediate myself
"A recent addition to the claims has come with the introduction of the following word in Turkish muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine, which means something like (you are talking) as if you are one of those that we cannot easily convert into an unsuccessful-person-maker (someone who un-educates people to make them unsuccessful)."

thought three: but Spanish speakers do indeed smirk, let me assure you...

as far as my provincial spanish pidgin and internet searches can tell, there's no satisfying spanish word for "smirk"?!

thought four: "home phones"

JC: "Do we have to put our number here?"
me: "What?"
JC: "It's says put your 'home phone.' "

i read worksheet: "Use the following pair of homophones in a sentence: see, sea."

thought five: more baby-isms

Science book:
"Cuales son las cinco necesidades basicas de los animales?"
"What are the five basic needs of animals?"

student #9:
"oxigeno, alimento, agua, refugio, y felicidad"
"oxygen, food, water, shelter, and happiness."

2) It must be the laughlines...
My kids were working on a passage talking about music from 1930. One of the girls started to laugh to think about it.
"Miss Hernandez, were you alive in 1930?"
"How old were you? Do you remember the music?"

3) from tutorials:
"Miss Hernandez, can i go to the bathroom?"
"Please! I'm thirsty!"

4) not sure if this will translate...
kid #17:
"Miss Hernandez... ¿cómo... nació su hermano gringo?¨

Correct these sentences:
my dad aint here right now
My dad and my haint ar here right now.
(read it using a silent h)

Write the antonym for the word below.
student: nervous

thought six: from the announcements

"People show their character by what they laugh at." ~german proverb

...and if we laugh at kids, is that a bad thing or a good?