02 octubre 2011

News about our brother

Dear Mr. Obama,

What Mr. Obama & co. had to say: (9/29/11)
"The United States condemns the conviction of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. Pastor Nadarkhani has done nothing more than maintain his devout faith, which is a universal right for all people.”

“That the Iranian authorities would try to force him to renounce that faith violates the religious values they claim to defend, crosses all bounds of decency, and breaches Iran’s own international obligations. A decision to impose the death penalty would further demonstrate the Iranian authorities’ utter disregard for religious freedom, and highlight Iran’s continuing violation of the universal rights of its citizens. We call upon the Iranian authorities to release Pastor Nadarkhani, and demonstrate a commitment to basic, universal human rights, including freedom of religion.”

What the supreme court (Iran) had to say: (Dec. 5, 2010)


In the name of God
To the lawyers of the accused (defendant)
To the local court
To the state court of Gilan Section 11

December 5, 2010

Issued by section 27 Supreme Court Judge Morteza Fazel and Azizoallah Razaghi

Mr. Youcef Nadarkhani, son of Byrom, 32 years old, married, born in Rasht in the
state of Gilan is convicted of turning his back on Islam, the greatest religion the
prophesy of Mohammad at the age of 19.

He has often participated in Christian worship and organized home church
services, evangelizing and has been baptized and baptized others, converting
Muslims to Christianity. He has been accused of breaking Islamic Law that from
puberty (15 years according to Islamic law) until the age of 19 the year 1996, he
was raised a Muslim in a Muslim home. During court trials, he denied the
prophecy of Mohammad and the authority of Islam. He has stated that he is a
Christian and no longer Muslim.

During many sessions in court with the presence of his attorney and a judge, he has
been sentenced to execution by hanging according to article 8 of Tahrir –olvasileh.
His sentence was appealed by his attorney and sent to the supreme court.

The Supreme Courts Response
In the name of God

June 12, 2011

This sopena states;

We know that Mr. Nadarkhani has confessed that in his heart and in his actions he
has denied being Muslim and converted to Christianity and has advertised and
encouraged other Muslims to convert to Christianity. And because of advertising
and pastoring a church repeatedly professed his Christian faith and denied the
prophet Mohammad and the 12th Imam and denied the entire Koran and truth of
the Koran.

His case was forwarded to the supreme court (Judge Fazeli) and
According to Part 2 of article 265 of the Islamic Republic Criminal Law, this case
received by and must be returned the state court of Gilan Section 11, and further
investigated to prove that from puberty (15 years) to 19 he was not Muslim by his
acquaintances, relatives, local elders, and Muslims he frequented. He must repent
his Christian faith if this is the case. No research has been done to prove this, if it
can be proved that he was a practicing Muslim as an adult and has not repented, the
execution will be carried out.

Signed by Morteza Fazeli and Azizollah Razaghi

what Iran's saying now: (as of 10/ 01/11)
"His crime is not, as some claim, converting others to Christianity," Gholomali Rezvani, the Gilan province deputy governor, told Farsn news agency. "He is guilty of security-related crimes."

...namely "rape" and "extortion"

a family photo:

and a quote:
“When asked to ‘repent’ by the judges, [Nadarkhani] stated:

‘Repent means to return. What should I return to? The blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?’

The judges replied: ‘To the religion of your ancestors—Islam.’

To which he replied: ‘I cannot.’”