20 mayo 2009

"Oy! Did you go to a wedding or to a funeral?!"

Chrysostom weighs in:

(link bootlegged from a superlative post on marriage)

¨[God] did not, on the one hand, fashion woman independently from man, otherwise man would think of her as essentially different from himself. Nor did He enable woman to bear children without man; if this were the case she would be self-sufficient. Instead, just as the branches of a tree proceed from a single trunk, He made the one man Adam to be the origin of all mankind, both male and female, and made it impossible for men and women to be self-sufficient. Later, He forbade men to marry their sisters or daughters, so that our love would not be limited to members of our families, and withdrawn from the rest of the human race.

The love of husband and wife is the force that welds society together. Men will take up arms and even sacrifice their lives for the sake of this love. St. Paul would not speak so earnestly about this subject without serious reason; why else would he say, Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord? Because when harmony prevails, the children are raised well, the household is kept in order, and neighbors, friends and relatives praise the result. Great benefits, both for families and states, are thus produced. When it is otherwise however, everything is thrown into confusion and turned upside down. When the generals of an army are at peace with each other, everything proceeds in an orderly fashion, and when they are not, everything is in disarray. It is the same here. ...

You have heard how important obedience is; you have praised and marveled at Paul, how he welds our whole life together, as we would expect from an admirable and spiritual man. You have done well. But now listen to what else he requires from you; he has not finished with his example. Husbands, he says, love your wives, as Christ loved the Church. You have seen the amount of obedience necessary; now hear about the amount of love necessary. Do you want your wife to be obedient to you, as the Church is to Christ? Then be responsible for the same providential care of her, as Christ is for the Church. And even if it becomes necessary for you to give your life for her, yes, and even to endure and undergo suffering of any kind, do not refuse. Even though you undergo all this, you will never have done anything equal to what Christ has done. You are sacrificing yourself for someone to whom you are already joined, but He offered Himself up for one who turned her back on Him and hated Him.

In the same way, then, as He honored her by putting at His feet one who turned her back on Him, who hated, rejected, and disdained Him, as [H]e accomplished this not with threats, or violence, or terror, or anything else like that, but through His untiring love; so also you should behave toward your wife. Even if you see her belittling you, or despising and mocking you, still you will be able to subject her to yourself, through affection, kindness, and your great regard for her. There is no influence more powerful than the bond of love, especially for husband and wife. A servant can be taught submission through fear; but even he, if provoked too much, will soon seek his escape. But one's partner for life, the mother of one's children, the source of one's every joy, should never be fettered with fear and threats, but with love and patience. What kind of marriage can there be when the wife is afraid of her husband? What sort of satisfaction could a husband himself have, if he lives with his wife as if she were a slave, and not with a woman by her own free will? Suffer anything for her sake, but never disgrace her, for Christ never did this with the Church. /.../

But how is this behavior achieved? That it must be is clear; now I will tell you how. It will be achieved if we are detached from money, if we strive above everything for virtue, if we keep the fear of God before our eyes. What Paul says to servants in the next chapter applies to us as well, ...knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same again from the Lord (Eph. 6:8). Love her not so much for her own sake, but for Christ's sake. That is why he says, be subject...as to the Lord. Do everything for the Lord's sake, in a spirit of obedience to Him. ...

A wife should never nag her husband: "You lazy coward, you have no ambition! Look at our relatives and neighbors; they have plenty of money. Their wives have far more than I do." Let no wife say any such thing; she is her husband's body, and it is not for her to dictate to her head, but to submit and obey. "But why should she endure poverty?" some will ask. If she is poor, let her console herself by thinking of those who are much poorer still. If she really loved her husband, she would never speak to him like that, but would value having him close to her more than all the gold in the world....Furnish your house neatly and soberly. If the bridegroom shows his wife that he takes no pleasure in worldly excess, and will not stand for it, their marriage will remain free from the evil influences that are so popular these days. Let them shun the immodest music and dancing that are currently so fashionable.

I am aware that many people think me ridiculous for giving such advice; but if you listen to me, you will understand the advantages of a sober lifestyle more and more as time goes on. You will no longer laugh at me, but will laugh instead at the way people live now like silly children or drunken men.

What is our duty, then? Remove from your lives shameful, immodest, and Satanic music, and don't associate with people who enjoy such profligate entertainment. When your bride sees your manner of life, she will say to herself, "Wonderful! What a wise man my husband is! He regards this passing life as nothing; he bas married me to be a good mother for his children and a prudent manager of his household."

Will this sort of life be distasteful for a young bride? Only perhaps for the shortest time, and soon she will discover how delightful it is to live this way. She will retain her modesty if you retain yours. Don't engage in idle conversations; it never profits anyone to talk too much. ...

Tell [your wife] that you are convinced that money is not important, that only thieves thirst for it constantly, that you love her more than gold; and indeed an intelligent, discreet and pious young woman is worth more than all the money in the world. [and vice versa, eh.]

Show her that you value her company, and prefer being at home to being out. Esteem her in the presence of your friends and children.
Pray together at home and go to Church;
when you come back home, let each ask the other the meaning of the readings and the prayers.

If you are overtaken by poverty, remember Peter and Paul, who were more honored than kings or rich men, though they spent their lives in hunger and thirst.

Remind one another that nothing in life is to be feared, except offending God. If your marriage is like this, your perfection will rival the holiest of monks...

What sort of person do you think the children of such parents will be? What kind of person are all the others who associate with them? Will they not eventually be the recipients of countless blessings as well? For generally the children acquire the character of their parents, are formed in the mold of their parents' temperament, love the same things their parents love, talk in the same fashion, and work for the same ends. ... ¨


"Y el Señor encamine vuestros corazones al amor de Dios, y a la paciencia de Cristo." amén.

14 mayo 2009


Bulldozing from sea to shining sea...

News from Peru

1) A country of seven million mothers... 162,000 of whom are between the ages of 12 - 19... (if that number were miles instead of souls, we could round the earth six and a half times with it...)

49% of the country's mothers are unmarried... 34% (of the total) are "cohabitating"

2) There are 0 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Peru. [as of whenever this was first published. now, as of 05.26.09, there are 27. pray, lets?

3) The Jonas Brothers are playing Lima. twice. as my little jorge says, "boo-yah."

4) Congreso could approve a 5-day "paternity leave" so fathers can be with their families during the momentous occasion(s).

5) "Chavist" is apparently an adjective now. (eg: ant-chavist marches, Chavist candidates, Chavist socialism.)

oh, the envy... i want my own adjective, too, blast it all.

6) Coming up soon: the long awaited Southern Inter-oceanic Highway! (tune in around 2010) Beka can drive to Brazil! No, wait; scratch that... Beka can ride, prayerfully, deliriously, feverishly altitude sick, to Brasil!

7) when one doesn't publish in a blog for, say, 2.5 years and then starts publishing like mad, one can be misidentified as a spammer. who knew?

07 mayo 2009

affidavits, Aunt Dot, and grace

thought one: the reason i could never go into law...

Applicant's Affidavit:

"I, Fulano de Tal, do hereby agree, consent and direct that any person or entity maintaining information in any form relating to my criminal history shall release all such information upon the request of the Magistorium.

I do further hereby agree and permit the Magistorium to obtain from any person or entity information relating to my personal background, my moral character and my worthiness to instruct the youth of this empire, including by medically suspect neuroimaging, and do hereby expressly direct that any such person or entity, including my subconscious, release such information upon the request of the Magistorium.

I do hereby release, discharge, and exonerate the Magistorium, its agents or representatives, and any person or entity so furnishing information from any and all liability of every kind arising therefrom.

I do furthermore hereby refuse to engage myself or my students in any activity that could be termed subversive by the Magistorium. I agree to subject every declarative statement or rhetorical interrogation on my part by the benevolent statements and intents of the Official Code of the Magistorium which I carry firmly imbedded in my mind. I understand that failing to recite and committ to rote memory no less than three statements diurnally the Official Code of the Magistorium can result in my expulsion from the empire and in revocation of my license of instruction.

The foregoing consent and release is valid and binding so long as I hold or seek any certificate, license, permit, or other credential issued under the authority of aforementioned Official Code of the Magistorium or am living within three hundred light years of the Empire.

I understand that any credential issued to me by the Magistorium is the property of the Empire. I agree that I will tender my credential and/or life's blood to the Magistorium if I am ordered to do so by the Magistorium.

I understand that a copy of this affidavit shall have the same force as the original. I have reviewed this application and I affirm that all of the information which I have provided on the application is true under a fairly rigid definition of true."

... is because i have no sense of decorum....

thought two: ...thusly must i turn to education...

For we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armor was never so necessary. By teaching them all to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word. By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words.

They do not know what the words mean;
they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects.

We who were scandalized in 1940 when men were sent to fight armored tanks with rifles, are not scandalized when young men and women are sent into the world to fight massed propaganda with a smattering of "subjects"; and when whole classes and whole nations become hypnotized by the arts of the spellbinder, we have the impudence to be astonished.

We dole out lip-service to the importance of education lip service and, just occasionally, a little grant of money; we postpone the school-leaving age, and plan to build bigger and better schools; the teachers slave concientiously in and out of school hours; and yet, as I believe, all this devoted effort is largely frustrated, because we
have lost the tools of learning, and in their absence can only make a botched
and piecemeal job of it.

~ Dorothy Sayers, The Lost Tools of Learning

Ladies and caballeros, that is writing.

thought three: let us pray

ALMIGHTY God, we beseech Thee, with Thy gracious favour to behold our universities, colleges, and schools, that knowledge may be increased among us, and all good learning flourish and abound. Bless all who teach and all who learn; and grant that in humility of heart they may ever look unto Thee, who art the fountain of all wisdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, who hast committed to Thy holy Church the care and nurture of Thy children; Enlighten with Thy wisdom those who teach and those who learn, that rejoicing in the knowledge of Thy truth, they may worship Thee and serve Thee from generation to generation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

ALMIGHTY God, who dost embrace children with the arms of Thy mercy, and dost make them living members of Thy Church; Give them grace, we pray Thee, to stand fast in Thy faith, to obey Thy word, and to abide in Thy love; that, being made strong by Thy Holy Spirit, they may resist temptation and overcome evil, and may rejoice in the life that now is, and dwell with Thee in the life that is to come; through thy merits, O merciful Saviour, who with the Father and the Holy Ghost livest and reignest one God, world without end.

~teaching to involve rejoicing
~education to involve strengthening

~teaching...to involve humility
~education... looking to Almighty God
~teaching to link generation to generation with a certain telos
~The Holy Church responsible!

04 mayo 2009

afghan girl