31 diciembre 2005

"until philosophers rule as kings"

Thought One:
Considering my expertise in the matter, I would like to share a bit of insight into "pseudo-knowledge."

Pseudo-knowledge is the knowledge one attains by primary exposure to an idea or fact. Young people often mistake new additions as true erudition, much to the chagrin of any intellectual superiors who encounter them.

Pseudo-knowledge's deceptive power lies in the underestimated force of the person's previous ignorance. Because said person had absolutely no knowledge of given subject priorly, their knowledge has indeed increased some extreme percentage. But that's only because they knew nothing. The more one learns, the less sway pseudo-knowledge holds, as it takes exponentially more to cause such proportional increases in received data.

This pseudo-knowledge (consisting of random facts, names, or terms) can stem from school-classes, news-reports, overheard conversations, sermon illustrations, headlines... pretty much anywhere.

Pseudo-knowledge is not in itself bad. This intitial exposure is necessary for true education, provided that one recognizes it for what it is: a framework. I think it's like this: upon introduction to a new term, the brain creates a new file. The file's empty, save for it's name and any key terms. But the file is there, whereas before there was nothing! This is a big deal! So now, sitting in one's car eating a superlative Subway one evening, one hears a key-word mentioned on the news. ALERT! The brain scrambles to attentions, pops open that file, sharpens a figurative pencil, and begins taking notes. Those notes may include links to other brain-files and inclusions of tons more vocabulary. As the days progress and one's exposure increases, new files are opened and old files are stuffed full of data, until one can truthfully be called an expert, which is a whole nother phenomena I would love to know more about.

Knowledge... is beautiful like sunshining.

Thought two:
How funny is it that most people receive their only taste of "classical" music from the background scores in movies.

Thought three:
"They" say that one spends (or should spend) New Year's Eve the way one is going (or wants to) spend the rest of her year.

I am on the internet, researching William Carey, and writing in my blog, getting ready to go home and read my western-civ book.

Should I cry? Cause I'm really okay with this... and that's kinda scary.

27 diciembre 2005

comments! (i blush.)


texas (and God) are so kind to allow fall to tarry until Christmas vacation...

i should have mentioned this earlier, but there is an incredible quality to sunlight at this time of the year... it's always at an angle, as the sun never fully goes overhead, creating a studio-light effect for the world... like perpetual time-right-before-sunset...

the best part is the way it shines on the tops of leaves. that sounds kinda weird, but despite the limits of my language... it's exquisite. go notice it.

how did God come up with the idea that light would reflect?!? or the concept of shadows?!!? ...genius!


if nature doesn't suffice and one is still in need of a reaffimation of God's goodness... that person should obtain hisself a minimum wage job.

observe how the element lives. (the ones with jobs, anyway.)

i find myself getting mad at them, as in, "how STUPID can you be to not give up your pathetic life for Jesus-life?!?!"

as if i, myself, had considered the merits of religion in general and Christianity in particular, compared it to my previous state and decided it would be the best course of action in my life...

God's grace is so GOOD, its frightening.

why me?

THOUGHT THREE: re: faith like a child

~they're not only gullible, but terribly sincere...

they do not believe things cautiously or have a back-up plan, should xyz not work out

~they have clearness of heart/ affection

when they feel... it is visible, undisguised

~they believe with conviction

receiving something from a "good authority," they will hold to it, even to the point of bloody noses

~their hope springs eternal... when all else fails, they still keep on hoping

~energy. boundless energy. willing to try anything, to effort anything... never listless... never preferring sleep over experience.

I love kids.

12 diciembre 2005

islam just might replace sendero luminoso for fixated reading material...

thought one:
The Muslim Satan-figure, Iblis, fell from heaven and "became a disbeliever" for refusing to bow to Adam.

Sura 2, ayat 34
~Sura 7, ayat 11

thought two:
Iblis was not created an angel, but a jinn, which are sort of mischevious fire-beings created at the same time as angels. Because of his merit, Iblis was brought up from his fellow jinn to be taught in heaven, where he began "preaching to the angels," until the above thought occurred.

(however, the above explanation is not definite doctrine and is debated)


thought three:
Iblis is not considered Allah's enemy, because Allah is supreme and the source of everything within his creation, both good and evil. rather, Iblis (or al-Shaitan) is considered the enemy of humanity, seeking to turn them from the right way. Allah, as the ruler over both good and evil, is the only one who can deliver his people from "the evils of his universe."


thought four:
All these very interesting tidbits aside, Islam has a very definite appeal... the differentness (especially in an American context), the controversy, the comprehensive application, the rigor of the religion... it's not without its charms.

but... it lacks one thing.

namely, the Person of the Lord God as revealed through Scripture. Whatever approximation thereof Allah is meant to be, he (as presented in the Qur'an and internet sources on Islam) IS NOT the same as my Father.

I'm not familiar with the character of "Isa," but to try to separate the GOD-ness from Christ's personality is to create a whole nother being.

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly of heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

So, if I were looking for an intense religion, a fascinating form of spirituality, a way to stand out from the sick American masses, I might give Islam a shot.

But i'm not... I was found by a Father, and loved by a Savior, and filled with a Holy Spirit... all who are God!... and I seek only a kingdom come, and righteousness to live therein.


"surely you are the people and wisdom will die with you!"

thought one:

in heaven, will we actually be able to hear Jesus have a conversation with God the Father, or are the divisions in personhood that literal? or do they just communicate w/out speaking... i need to get over my heaven questions cause there's just no answers. (yet.)

thought two:
there is an interesting phenomenon i have observed...

often when involved in a conversation (always a bad sign), i find myself referencing sources that are pretty darn unreliable. not that the sources are persons of ill repute or anything, but the whole phrase, "i heard the other day..." usually precedes something that could very possibly be an urban legend.

for instance:
after katrina and before rita, gas prices were often the centers of conversation. directly before rita hit, there was a "run on" gas around where i live. while paying for gas one day, i remarked to the cashier that i was glad i could find gas and how i had heard that gas prices were supposed to rise. he said, yeah, his boss said something about them possibly rising to over $5 the next day. wow, i said.

over the next couple of hours, i used that little tidbit more than i care to admit. i was just making conversation, right? well the gas prices didn't rise, but that VERY BAD HABIT HAS STUCK.

so, resolved: reference nothing without credible sources (ie: would i use this in writing?)

thought three:
was reading Mtt. 5 the other day in spanish and a verse stood out:

"Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil."

bueno, in spanish, the verb used for "to fulfil" is "cumplir," which can mean, as it appears, to complete.

so in my mind, its saying something like this:
"do not think that i have come to break the law or the prophets, i have not come to break but to complete." [the actual word used for "to break" means more like "abolish," but i didn't know that at the time. quite beside the point.]

anyhow, i thought, what a good emphasis... many see Christ as having taken an axe to the stuffy old testament legalism, and that's not it at all.

the beautiful old testament could be better described as "part one" or the "prequel" to the Christ. it did not expire when Jesus came; it was interpreted. only half of the book had been written, and the author did not mean for either half to stand alone. He wrote "part one" layering meaning upon meaning, forshadowing events and weaving subtleties throughout to create the most incredible piece for literary analysis EVER. with this piece, you're not going to get sick of the diction (courtesy a couple dozen different authors), the humor and pathos will still get to you (go read the book of Jonah and Ezekiel 16, respectively) and God is uncontainably awesome time and again... listen to Him in Job 38... in Malachi! in Hosea...

don't get me started.

thought four:
"The Torah and the Nevi'im have an epical quality, although they have no human hero (Moses and David are, in many ways, anti-heros; one may consider the Children of Israel collectively to be the hero of the epic, or, if one must chose a single character, God)"

i've missed you, wikipedia. there's something quite satisfying about going back on a diet, though the guilt for having cheated remains...

05 diciembre 2005

"make life a past-time, life passes you by/ and dying to live, you only live to die"

i shouldn't be ungrounded yet, but what of it...

thought one:


thought two:
"The Romans had no word for 1 000 000 and rarely considered numbers of that size or larger."

Arabic numerals are something else. Go try to work this Roman style:
XXIV * IV = _____

is that not awesome to think about?

thought three
the universe/ galaxy/ solar-system/ earth really has no up nor down. it's just a matter of location.

e.g: if you were to dig a hole down down down into the bowels of the earth and didn't have to worry about magna or iron ore or whatever... you'd eventually start digging UP.

02 diciembre 2005

whereby i do semi-unground myself...

thought one:
it's rather embarassing how hard it would be for certain individuals (whose name starts with r and ends with ebekkah) to omit the first person form from her vocabulary...

"one" would definitely get a workout.

thought two: